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  • Buying your health : medical consumerism in the early twentieth century 

    Randall, Erica
    After WWI, the United States saw an unprecedented rise in economic production and mass consumerism, an era that came to be characterized by wealth, prosperity, and vanity. Spurred on by the second industrial revolution, ...
  • What the Black Panther Party did for you 

    Every, Alvian
    In October of 1966 Bobby Seale and Huey Newton founded the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, a socialist, multi-racial, black nationalist group that endeavored to awaken the black community and unify it in activism ...
  • "Manifestly unfit" : an analysis of eugenics in relation to race and disability 

    Kumar, Kirtana
    Eugenics was one of the darkest movements of the Progressive era. The eugenics movement argued that preserving "superior" humans will create a more productive and healthy class of people. It dated back to Francis Galton's ...
  • The Mexican-American War : a war of American values 

    Jackson, Dooley
    The Mexican-American War significantly expanded the territories of the United States. This has become common knowledge throughout the public, and the war is frequently left at that defining statement. However, the ...
  • The rush to save the ill 

    Farley, Hannah
    Benjamin Rush is not to be dismissed as history has shown-his extensive medical training and experience, when contextualized within his own time, was highly beneficial to the people of Philadelphia during the summer 1793 ...

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