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  • Law and order : Nixon's rhetoric and the Southern strategy 

    Hopewell, Audrey
    Today's familiar Democratic and Republican party coalitions have not always existed; rather, they began to emerge in the 1960s as demographic and geographic groups shifted party alliances. This paper focuses on one factor ...
  • "The new Negro" : center of the Harlem stage 

    Ting, Katherine
    Amidst a tragically long-standing history of oppression, the Harlem Renaissance was arguably the pinnacle of African American prosperity in the United States during the early twentieth century. The Harlem Renaissance, being ...
  • American terror 

    Walters, Matthew O.
    For 150 years, those that have come to call the American Civil War "the War of Northern Aggression" have cited General William Tecumseh Sherman's March to the Sea as an unnecessary act of terror; opponents claim the South ...
  • 50 shades of slavery : sexual assault of black male slaves in antebellum America 

    Perkins, Dedrick K.
    Male slave owners used sexual assault to dominate, dehumanize, and emasculate male slaves in American Antebellum South. The oppression and violence that characterized the institution of chattel slavery are easily accessible, ...
  • Earth conscious behavior of OU students 

    Woody, Tanya S. (2016-12-05)
    Amid growing concerns of environmental issues, such as resource depletion and climate change, an understanding of college student altruistic and egocentric behavior can offer insight into approaches for change. Students ...

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