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    • Britain and the European Union: Forty Years of Uncertainty 

      Kimpel, Hanna (2016)
      The United Kingdom is facing a referendum, to occur by the end of 2017, when British citizens will get the opportunity to vote on whether or not the UK should remain a member of the European Union. For Britain, the ...
    • Communal Identity and Sectarian Division in Lebanon: A Comparative Analysis of The National Pact of 1943 and the Ta'if Agreement 

      Peach, Kaitlin (2017)
      Throughout its history, Lebanon as faced an identity crisis that has been exacerbated by two fundamental documents -- the National Pact of 1943 and the Ta'if Agreement. These documents worked to ingrain identity into ...
    • Compromising Refugeehood: Access to Asylum and Non-Refoulement in the European Union 

      Neumeier, Stefanie (2017)
      This paper explores the intersection of European and international refugee and human rights law. While numerous treaties incorporate the rights of forced migrants, the Refugee Convention with the 1967 Protocol represents ...
    • Conflicting Narratives of the 1948 War 

      Weiss, Lindsey (2016)
      The 1948 War was a triumphant victory for the Jews of Israel and a tragic disaster for the Arabs of Palestine. The traditional Zionist rendition of the war, or “old” history, depicts Israel as a fledgling Jewish state ...
    • Confucianism: The New Wave of Ancient China 

      Moore, Kristen (2016)
      Confucianism, a Chinese philosophy founded roughly 2,500 years ago, has traditionally been understood to be, by historians and philosophers alike, a strongly conservative philosophy. Yet after taking a look at the historical ...
    • Countering ISIS's Propaganda: Islamic Piety, Belonging, and Exposure of Life under ISIS's Rule 

      Gellman, Jonah (2017)
      The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham's (ISIS) recruitment tactics have yielded substantial results in the Western world. Recruiters use a variety of push and pull factors to separate potential recruits from their society ...
    • Disjointed Action: Conflicting Collective Action in Ukraine's 2014 Euromaidan Revolution 

      Bartz, Luke (2017)
      Though the motivations for unrest were similar across Ukraine during the 2014 Euromaidan Revolution, the means of expressing unhappiness contrasted dramatically between eastern and western Ukraine. In the west of the country ...
    • Drones, Ethics, and Pakistan 

      Adam, Amil (2017)
      The following article provides an ethical appraisal of the use of armed drones within the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan by the Central Intelligence Agency through the prism of Just War theory. This paper ...
    • Ennahda and the Muslim Brotherhood Democratic Changes to Islamist Groups 

      Bergum, Jack (2016)
      Despite a promising start, the Arab Spring of 2011 has resulted in the creation of only one democracy: Tunisia. In Tunisia, an Islamist party called Ennahda has greatly aided this successful democratic transition. This ...
    • Going Out: The Globalization of the Chinese Nuclear Sector 

      Madaj, Patrick (2016)
      Over the past decade, the Chinese government has aimed to further incorporate nuclear technology into its plan to meet China’s growing energy needs, and the nation’s major nuclear firms have acted enthusiastically to ...
    • In Memory of Daniel Holland 

      University of Oklahoma. College of International Studies (2017)
      This issue of the Journal of Global Affairs is dedicated in loving memory to Daniel Holland, who passed away while traveling abroad on June 11, 2017. Daniel was a National Merit Scholar earning his bachelor's and master's ...
    • The Intersection of Slums and Environmental Justice in Morocco 

      Kosta, JoAnne (2016)
      The purpose of this research paper is to address environmental justice in Morocco as it relates to slum life and slum relocation efforts. As such, the paper deals with the kingdom’s waste management activities in both rural ...
    • The Journal of Global Affairs, Volume 5 (2015-2016) 

      Grillot, Dr. Suzette; Cruise, Dr. Rebecca; Wilson, Miranda; Cheng, Meng; Douglas, Collin; LaPorte, James; Ranger, Shelby; Stack-Nelson, Linda; Weiss, Lindsey; Randall, Zac; Braun, Jacque; Broadway, Patsy; Smith, Dr. Mitchell; Swift, Symphonie; The faculty and staff of CIS (Department of International and Area Studies, College of International Studies, University of Oklahoma, 2016)
      The Journal of Global Affairs is the official student research publication of the Department of International and Area Studies in the College of International Studies at the University of Oklahoma.
    • Lowering Expectations: The Evolution of UN Peacekeeping and Recommendations for the Future 

      Miles, Sarah (2016)
      United Nation’s Peacekeeping Operations have been contested since the first blue helmets arrived in the Gaza Strip in 1956. Peacekeeping Operations can be divided into three temporal categories, each with their own ...
    • Millennials and the Putin Cult 

      Ranger, Shelby (2017)
      Much literature about the unique qualities of particular generations exists, as does literature examining the cult of personality surrounding Russian President Vladimir Putin. This article situates itself within the study ...
    • Proposal on US Policy toward Daesh 

      Holland, Daniel (2017)
      The rise of Daesh took the world by surprise, as the group took advantage of discontented Sunni populations and political turmoil to rapidly expand in Iraq and Syria. The group, designated as a terror organization by the ...
    • Public Health and the British Empire: From Colonization to Decolonization 

      Jones, Alexandra (2016)
      This article traces the process of how colonization and eventual decolonization within the British Empire affected the development of public health infrastructure within British India versus British East Africa, and why ...
    • Russian-Syrian Relations: Past and Present 

      Bartz, Luke (2016)
      Drawing heavily on Andrej Kreutz’s Russia in the Middle East and Robert Freedman’s “Russia and the Arab Spring: A Preliminary Appraisal” along with numerous news sources, this essay serves a twofold purpose of sketching ...
    • The Journal of Global Affairs, Volume 6 (2016-2017) 

      University of Oklahoma. College of International Studies (2017)
      The Journal of Global Affairs is the official student research publication of the Department of International and Area Studies in the College of International Studies at the University of Oklahoma.
    • The Original Exception: The Originaires in Senegal, 1848-1960 

      Smith, Nicole (2017)
      When French colonialists governed parts of Africa, they partitioned Africans into groups of unique, individual statuses: sujets, metis, originaires, tirailleurs, and assimiles. These statuses contributed to uneven access ...