About Exploring U.S. History (HIST 1483 and HIST 1493)

Understanding the past, including the unique rights and responsibilities of American citizenship, is essential for our collective future. These courses will introduce you to the means and methods of original research, and will enhance your ability to articulate your own ideas and arguments-- both orally and in writing. These skills should serve you well throughout your academic and professional careers. We look forward to working with you!

James Hart, History Department Chair, University of Oklahoma

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David W. Levy Prize for Writing in the U.S. History Survey

Congratulations to OU student Audrey Hopewell, whose “Law and Order: Nixon’s Rhetoric and the Southern Strategy” won the David W. Levy Prize for Spring 2017. Ms. Hopewell’s paper draws on recent scholarship and contemporary newspaper reports to argue that President Nixon’s “ostensibly race-neutral” rhetoric on crime and protest contained “coded racial meaning” that appealed to white segregationists.

Congratulations as well to the other finalists for the Levy Prize in Spring 2017: Katherine Ting, “’The New Negro’: Center of the Harlem Stage”, Matthew O. Walters, “American Terror”, and Dedrick K. Perkins “50 Shades of Slavery: Sexual Assault of Black Male Slaves in Antebellum America.” Their research makes a valuable contribution to our knowledge of U.S. History and models excellent writing for future students of American history.

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