The Virtues of Study Abroad is a publication designed to show the merit of study abroad programs - especially how they contribute to the personal growth of students. This publication not only discusses the potentially life-changing personal and educational benefits of study abroad programs, but also how the University of Oklahoma's focus on international education makes these experiences possible.

Recent Submissions

  • The Virtues of Study Abroad. Volume 5, April 2018 

    University of Oklahoma. College of International Studies
  • Confidence 

    Rodriguez-Sanchez, Andrea
  • Courage 

    Herndon, Nigh
  • Curiosity 

    Schneider, Libby
  • Empathy 

    Neill, Crystal
  • Patience 

    Satterthwaite, Tanner
  • Perspective 

    Buczkowski, Alena
  • Perseverance 

    McGill, Riley
  • The Virtues of Study Abroad. Volume 4, April 2017 

    University of Oklahoma. College of International Studies (2017-04)
  • Confidence 

    Mays, Kelsey (2017-04)
    When I was 16 years old, my older brother traveled halfway across the world to study abroad. As I looked at his pictures and heard him share his fondest memories, I instantly became enamored with the whole idea of studying ...
  • Curiosity 

    Moses, Daniel (2017-04)
    Jerusalem is a special place. Throughout the centuries it has inspired poets to write and soldiers to fight, and in the spring of 2014, it inspired me to spend a semester studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I ...
  • Empathy 

    Stewart, Dakota (2017-04)
    It was a crisp morning in New Delhi. Early March is easily considered winter in India, but it was a nice 75 degrees that day, which, at the time, I considered to be somewhat warm. Little did I know that 118 degrees was ...
  • Engagement 

    Eyocko, JackyNicole (2017-04)
    I made the mistake of taking the direct flight from Dallas to Shanghai. This flight consisted of babies crying for 14 hours straight, documentaries on Chinese opera and sleep—lots of it. While sleeping, I dreamt I was going ...
  • Enthusiasm 

    Satrio, Martin (2017-04)
    Growing up, I always had great enthusiasm to travel and see new places. Every summer, my family and I would journey to a new place we had not seen before, most of the time by road trip so we could experience more along the ...
  • Patience 

    Grillot, Hannah (2017-04)
    “Scusi...posso avere un altro coke?”
  • Perseverance 

    Ratcliff, James (2017-04)
    Aaaaaaaaaaaallah u-akbar. Aaaaaaaaaaaallah u-akbar.
  • Perspective 

    Compton, Marshae (2017-04)
  • Respect 

    Johnson, Taylor (2017-04)
    Shortly after starting my graduate studies in the fall of 2015 at OU in Regional and City Planning, I came across the opportunity to study abroad in Uganda during the summer of 2016. This would be my first trip out of the ...
  • Understanding 

    Gentile, Jeremiah (2017-04)
    The month before I left the United States, I flipped through a brochure filled with photos of Limoges and strained to imagine myself in this town at the heart of France. Is it too small for me? I thought. How will I get ...
  • Open-Mindedness 

    McCormick, Mitchel (2017-04)
    Countries, in many ways, are like people: a reputation precedes them. Perhaps no country experiences this as much as Mexico, where beautiful beaches are juxtaposed with thoughts of violence and poverty. These stereotypes ...

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